Hello World

April 27, 2021

Hello, World!

This is my blog, it’s my first post. It’s nothing at the moment, but I have plans. In fact I had too many plans, a mood board, lists and all sorts of things that have prevented me from actually starting it.

So in the spirit of taking the first step and inspired by a great blog I’m going to pick a schedule and stick to it.

This blog is hosted on ponelat.com and will get a new post every two weeks. It’s not as ambitious as a weekly post, yet not as tame as a monthly one. It suits me just fine, the goldilocks of schedules.

I have a guilty few pleasures that I’ve added…

  • MDX support to better complement…
  • TailwindCSS support!

I really enjoy the combination that allows me to do creative little things.

Like style a piece of text.

Or insert a color picker…

The color

Fun times ahead!

Written by Josh Ponelat who lives and works in Plettenberg Bay building silly things. You should follow him on Twitter or Instagram